Catholic? Thinking about it? Know someone who is?…

RCIA [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] is the initiation process for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic. It is for those who have never been baptized or who were baptized in a non–Catholic faith and now wish to consider joining the Catholic Church.

The RCIA is a step-by-step process, with no pressure to commit to the Catholic faith, in which interested persons explore the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Church over a period of several months or years, as needed.

After the preparation program, and if the person desires to be fully initiated into the Catholic faith, preparations are made so that the person receives the sacraments of baptism, first communion, and confirmation all during the Easter Vigil Mass. 

If you, a relative, friend, or co-worker is interested, please contact Roosevelt Morales at roosevelt@stjohnfisher.info for information on the RCIA Program.

View this beautiful video of the 2019 Easter Vigil, the culmination of the RCIA process for our candidates.

Welcome to the Church! May they become known to us and us to them.




1. What is Truth? PDF
 (What is Truth? Lesson 1 Power Point)

2. Divinity of Christ and Proofs for the Resurrection PDF
(Divinity of Christ Lesson 2 Power Point)


3. Divine Revelation PDF
(Divine Revelation Lesson 3 Power Point)

(Class 3 Recommended Addendum PDF)

4. The Holy Trinity PDF
(Trinity Lesson 4 Power Point)

5. Creation, Angels, Devils and the Fall PDF
(Creation & Fall Lesson 5 Power Point)

6. Incarnation & Crucifixion of Our Lord
(Incarnation & Redemption Lesson 6 Power Point)

7. The Church PDF
(Church Lesson 7 Power Point)

8. Blessed Virgin Mary PDF
(Blessed Virgin Mary Lesson 8 Power Point)

9. Purgatory PDF
(Purgatory Lesson 9 Power Point)

10. Last Things PDF
(Last Things Lesson 10 Power Point)

Sacraments I

11. Sacraments & Liturgy PDF
(Liturgy & Sacraments Lesson 11 Power Point)

12. Baptism & Confirmation PDF
(Baptism & Confirmation Lesson 12 Power Point)

13. Eucharist PDF
(Eucharist Lesson 13 Power Point)

14. Sin and Confession PDF
(Sin & Confession Lesson 14 Power Point)

15. Anointing of the Sick PDF
(Anointing of the Sick Lesson 15 Power Point)


16. Freedom and Happiness PDF
(Freedom & Happiness Lesson 16 Power Point)

17. The Moral Virtues PDF
(Moral Virtues Lesson 17 Power Point)

(Class 17 Recommended Addendum)

18. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Commandments PDF
(Commandments 1,2,3 Lesson 18 Power Point)

19. 4th Commandment PDF
(Commandment 4 Lesson 19 Power Point)

20. 5th Commandment PDF
(Commandment 5 Lesson 20 Power Point)

21. 6th & 9th Commandments PDF
(Commandments 6 & 9 Lesson 21 Power Point)

22. 7th & 10th Commandments PDF
(Commandments 7 & 10 Lesson 22 Power Point)

23. 8th Commandment and Precepts of the Church PDF
(Commandment & Precepts Lesson 23 Power Point)


24. Church History 33-1054 PDF
(Church History 33-1054 Lesson 24 Power Point)

25. Church History 1054-2013 PDF
(Church History 1054-2013 Lesson 25 Power Point)

(Class 25 Recommended Addendum on Teaching the Second Vatican Council)

26. Papacy and Hierarchy PDF
(Papacy & Hierarchy Lesson 26 Power Point)

27. Saints and the Communion of Saints PDF
(Communion of Saints Lesson 27 Power Point)

28. The Mass
(The Mass Lesson 28 Power Point)

Sacraments II

29. Holy Matrimony PDF
(Holy Matrimony Lesson 29 Power Point)

30. Holy Orders PDF
(Holy Orders Lesson 30 Power Point)


31. Introduction to Prayer PDF
(Introduction to Prayer Lesson 31 Power Point)

32. The Lord's Prayer PDF
(Lord's Prayer Lesson 32 Power Point)